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Implement a Fall Protection Plan

Falls are among the leading causes of workplace injury and death each year. In this program, we'll establish guidelines to protect all employees from potential falls.

Get the 24-page Fall Protection Plan Template and customize it for your team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Setting your team up with the right safety equipment for a job should be a top priority. Explore our answers to the questions we often hear about fall protection.

In general industries, fall protection equipment is required when workers are elevated a total of 4' or higher.

The ideal fall protection gear for you depends on your field. We have a wide range of options to keep many different industries safe. Our customizable plan allows you to create a site-specific fall protection plan template.

Fall arrest and fall restraint systems sound similar, but they work differently. A fall arrest system allows a fall to occur, but the technology is designed to minimize the chances of a person making contact with another surface. In other words, these systems shorten the distance of the fall and catch the worker in suspension, rather than preventing it.

On the other hand, a fall restraint system utilizes a tie-off system that prevents workers from reaching an edge, falling over an edge, or sliding off a surface entirely. The right system for you will depend on factors like your location, the task at hand, and how much space you have available.

Some types of fall protection equipment may have an expiration date. You can typically find information about your equipment’s life span in the owner’s manual.

Not all equipment will have an expiration date. In these cases, a Competent Person should regularly inspect your gear to ensure it’s in an acceptable condition for use. You can prolong the life of your personal fall protection equipment by storing it in a temperature-controlled setting and keeping it clean.